The European Parliamentary Elections as I see them

Por Joana Pinho*


By the time you will be reading this article, the votes will already be filling the ballot boxes of some of the European Union Member States. Even though all the projections and analysis of the results still comprehend some degree of speculation and expectation, there are some tendencies that, even now, stand out in these elections.

Probably, more than in any time before since the beginning of the elections for the European Parliament in 1979, the elections of this year carry with them the question over the European Union’s identity. During the four next days, while voting to elect the members of the European Parliament, we will be, in fact, voting on the future we believe in, we will vote on what kind of European project we want, and we will be deciding for what should the European Union stand.

Still, the weight of this vote will come, for many, unperceivable. As citizens, we tend to be more concern with the practical implications of the policies than with the identity dimension of politics. The way we see it, the choice is between the practicality of traveling just with an identification card and the fear of a foreign “invasion”. Is between the enriching experience of doing Erasmus and the challenge of finding a job in a much more globalized market. Is between the opportunity that the European funds provide and the burden of austerity. There is legitimacy and validity in all of these dilemmas, and in normal times, they would represent nothing more than what they appear to. Continuar a ler “The European Parliamentary Elections as I see them”