Jeremy Corbyn in his labyrinth…*

Por Pedro Bacelar de Vasconcelos*

*Excerto do texto originalmente publicado, em português, no JN a 13 Junho 2019.


[Foto: Jeremy Corbyn | Credit: PA in

Inconsequent and evasive before the continuing failure of the British conservative Government to negotiate an exit from the European Union, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party is late in assuming the only decent conclusion to be taken from a process which, after a two year standstill, left the citizens increasingly confused, the political parties shattered and the British economy ruined. Ironically, the last official act of British prime minister Theresa May came to be the state reception of Donald Trump. The United States President offered its conservative party’s extreme right, the support that he previously had denied them. Trump, as always, is clear and brutal in admitting his intentions: the definitive and total cut from the European Union to make England a privileged US partner, a docile accomplice of its international strategy, a sort of Atlantic Singapore. A dull fate for the only state in Western Europe who was not seduced by the propaganda of the nazi-fascists who precipitated the Second World War and that didn’t surrender to the military offensive responsible for this tragedy.

The alternative is dramatic and urgent e doesn’t allow Jeremy Corbyn any escuse for hesitation. One one side, a process of a status of subservience and subordination before a former colony which now declares itself available to recognise the “neocolonial” condition of “protectorate”… at least, while Trump is in charge. On the other side is Europe that although distant from the ideals of peace and solidarity in which it was founded and with which it has progressed is still a plural space of political and ideological confrontation as well as institucional concentration and convergence, an Europe that will only endure as a beacon of hope against nationalisms and the rise of warmongering which threaten our times and our World.

Only a new referendum will allow an escape from the swamp where the conservative party and Theresa May’s stubbornness have mired Great Britain. As the successive failures of the negotiation process have shown, Brexit was never more than a populist manoeuvre wielded by David Cameron, a candidate willing to win the election at any cost that swiftly fled before the unexpected defeat. All of this has shown that Europe needs the United Kingdom and that the European Union is a barricade against the chaotic deregulation of the global economy.

Texto integral, em português: Aqui.
*Pedro Bacelar de Vasconcelos – Deputado e professor de Direito Constitucional

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